About Us

Familia Avendaño


We are a Nicaraguan-German Family of 4 who lives & works at Finca Soley. We are happy to welcome guests at our little Farm in paradise. We found Finca Soley 2014



Milton grew up on a farm in Nicaragua where the only access was by horse. He was basically born on horseback. He has worked for many years in hotels and construction. Every building your can find at Finca Soley has been built by him. He has a great passion for all kinds of animals, kids and people. 




isa has been horse crazy since she could express herself.  She donated her life to horses and the study of Natural Horsemanship & the classical/academic art of riding. She has been very blessed by being in the right place at the right time & got to work side by side with great instructors like Silke Vallentin and Kerri April. She has been teaching Natural Horsemanship for several years. She teaches in English, German & Spanish. 

Next to her passion for horses she has planned together with Milton the buildings you find at Finca Soley, is all about ecoligical and nature close community life and overall a passionated mom and wife.

horses, chickens, dogs and Pluma our cat 

Finca Soley is permantenly habitet by horses at all ages and sizes. A big family of chickens and a rooster. Mia, Leine, Don and Chilli are the paw patrol that are checking on who is passing outside the gate, why is the horse going somewhere and are the chickens all where they are supposed to be? Our dogs have a lot of freedom and are the best companions for a ride, hike or cuddle. Pluma is our youngest member of the farm. 

part time family member & birds that fly by 

At Finca Soley some stay for a few days and some for many months. Many things, ideas, plants and activities have been seeded and created by Volunteers that stayed and left with an amazing expirience leaving a footprint at Finca Soley.  

THANK YOU to everybody who helped this project grow. We are exited for who all will come and share this path with us together. PEACE!