Team Soley

Familia Avendaño


We are a young Nicaraguan-German Family of 4 who lives & works at Finca Soley. We are happy to share with you our little Farm in paradise.

Milton Avendaño


Milton grew up on a farm in Nicaragua where the only access was by horse. He was basically born on horseback. He has worked for many years in hotels and has done all kinds of handyman work. He has a great passion for all kinds of animals, kids and people. 

Isa Avendaño


Isa has been horse crazy since she could express herself.  She donated her life to horses and the study of Natural Horsemanship. She has been very blessed by being in the right place at the right time & got to work side by side with great instructors like Silke Vallentin and Kerri April. She has been teaching Natural Horsemanship for several years. She teaches in English, German & Spanish.