CATIE Botanical Garden

A learning Adventure in Agribusiness


CATIE is situated south of Turrialba - 15 minutes drive by Car from Finca Soley

Opening Hours: 07:00 AM till 04:00 PM


CATIE is the Centre for Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education that has been working since 1973 to enable the rural territories and communities of Latin America and the Caribbean to reach an improved human development.





To increase human well-being and reduce rural poverty through education, research and technical co-operation by using the competitive, sustainable provision of ecosystem services through the integrated management of agriculture & natural resources.



Welcome to a place to relax! Discover various botanical “rarities”, such as cinnamon, the “cannon ball tree”, “hombrón”, cardamon, strychnine and more. On your way through the garden you can also see more than 30 families and 95 species of native and exotic trees. Also more than 160 samples of genetic material from diverse corners of the world are conserved here.


CATIE's coffee collection is one of the largest in Latin America as well as its International Cacao Collection. The various studies and research that the centre has carried out have been fundamental for the coffee-growing countries of Central America. Discover the fruits of the annatto bush, in colourful racemes or panicles. During guava season, you can observe one of the most nutrition fruits, containing high levels of Vitamin A, C and iron. The fruit of the Peach Palm is greatly  appreciated for its nutritional value all over America. The palm is also cultivated to harvest the lucrative “palm heart”.


In CATIE you will learn about a breathtaking variety of tropical fruits, medicinal, oil-producing and ornamental plants, roots, tubers and timber trees. You cannot only see many different plants, but also smell, feel and taste the great diversity, which makes the tour to an interactive experience for all senses!


7:00 AM - 4:00 PM
CATIE is situated south of Turrialba.
15 minutes drive by car from Finca Soley
Tour needs to be Reserved in Advance.
Costs will be provided 'Upon Request'. Costs vary depends on 'how many Tours you want to make'
Dress lightly and wear comfortable Footwear. 
Bring with you Sunscreen, Rain Protection, Mosquito Repellent, Camera and Binoculars