Golden Bean Coffee Tour

Passion for Coffee


The coffee tour takes place at the coffee factory and plantation named 'Golden Beans' in the neighbourhood of Finca Soley, in a 5 min walking distance.


The tour starts in the fields of the plantation and continues inside the factory where you see the different stages of the coffee production from washing, peeling, drying and processing the beans to the finished coffee.


Afterwards you have the opportunity to taste freshly brewed coffee and some sweets made of coffee beans. You can also sample some liquor or add it into your coffee. At the end you are free to browse the souvenir shop with a vast choice of not only coffeerelated souvenirs of Cost Rica. 


 The tour guide Tairon is a very friendly person who is passionate of sharing his huge knowledge about coffee. He explains every little step so you can follow him easily. You are encouraged to ask questions throughout the whole tour. 



You can buy different roasts of coffee, either whole bean or grounded besides cacao beans. You can also get sweets like chocolate coffee beans, macadamia sweets and various types of liquor.
Note: Possible to pay with USD, CR-Colones or with Visa/Credit Card
8:00 AM - 5:30 PM
5 Minutes walk from Finca Soley