Monument Guayabo

The Guayabo National Monument is the largest and most important archaeological excavation in Costa Rica. It reveals relics of an ancient indigenous village which stone-structured homes were built between 400 and 1400 AD. Though, some objects found here date back more than three thousand years.


You can admire the circular stone-basis of the houses, a well-visible street, the places in between the houses which served not only as streets, but also as drainage system. Aqueducts, covered and open, carried water from streams to storage tanks and onward to where it was needed.


Artefacts indicate the indigenous Indians were highly skilled at civil engineering, architecture and urban planning which you will feel while walking around. Also some pottery and gold artefacts were found here that are today shown in the National Museum in San José.


The National Monument is pretty impressive, located in beautiful mountainous rainforest, and it is a really peaceful and quiet place. While walking around you start immediately to imagine how life must have been back then and you get in touch with the history of this wonderful country. It is a must-see and worth it when you are around Turrialba !


There are gravelled, even walking paths, some with inclines, and signs in Spanish and English describing the sights.


8:00 AM - 3:30 PM
45 - 60 minutes drive by car from Finca Soley
Dress lightly and wear comfortable Footwear. 
Bring with you Sunscreen, Rain Protection, Mosquito Repellent, Camera and Binoculars

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