5-day immersion into Shamanic Horse medicine and self-realisation, in the highly activating, volcanic mountains of Costa Rica
A new dimension for experienced horse lovers & a graceful introduction for all those new to horses (& everyone in between!)

Throughout lifetimes of working with horses, we have learned that the more refined we are in our conversations with them, the more the subtler aspects of ourSelves have the chance to be heard.

Horses with a freedom of spirit and a soundness of mind join us willingly on our journey to energy mastery.

It is possible to “mirror” the herd, playing the Alpha, discovering what it feels like to lead from behind, to support, to guide with our energy field, to “ask” with our ears, our hands and our hearts.

Horses are able to reflect back to us where our weaknesses are within this sandbox; they can tell us about our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual capabilities - and of course, how balanced we are; down to the most nuanced of muscles and tendons - and where we carry tension (trauma) within our bodies.

We also know that Horse can be an ally; physically and emotionally, harmonising our heart-beats to a higher pitch and calming our nervous systems, helping us to taste a more coherent and unified energy field.

But, what if we were to ride even further into our partnership with Horse?

What is it like to relinquish the need to “lead”, to “mount”, or “demand of” the Horse (ie, the Other) entirely?

And in giving Horse a voice and a platform, allow them to open up completely across all of their faculties; what then?

If horses have ever come to you in a dream, then you’ll understand what we're asking…

What happens, if we cease to force an outcome and relinquish all preconceived ideas of what “should” happen, or what I, he, or she “needs” to look like, act like, or be like?

What if, for a moment, we allow ourselves to be both Human and part of the greater tapestry of life; both Human and Creator Being? What do horses make of us then?

Showing up in the full concertina of who we are, what is the most we can open to the wisdom of Life that is available to us - through communing with Horse?

At this octave, we are not matching the horse’s energy, instead we are showing up as ourSelves and allowing Horse to show up freely; energetically, spiritually, physically - medicinally.

Horses don’t need us to tell them what to do, where to stand, or how to behave; they need us to fine tune our depths of vision, to listen more deeply with our hearts, to engage with them more openly - to BE more in the present moment. To cultivate Animal Presence.

And then they can really begin to deliver their deepest medicine.

Spoiler alert: there is much conditioning we have to work through, through a systemic misunderstanding/ misuse of our relationship with Horse, before we can truly engage with them from a place of neutrality/ integrity.



3-7 JULY 2022






  • 5 days/ 4 nights’ accommodation at Finca Soley

  • Daily guided personal Energy Work with horses

  • Cacao Ceremony; getting in touch with the “Heart of the Jungle”

  • Daily yoga classes

  • Connect with horses at liberty; learn to palpate Horse Spirit

  • Shamanic Journeying, with Horse vibrational essences (supplied & available to purchase)

  • 121 Horse Constellations & Nature Constellations with Harriet

  • 3 fresh, natural, vegetarian meals (vegan upon request) & non-alcoholic beverages every day

  • Free-flow fresh juices, water & herbal teas

  • Fire Ceremony; to release the old & make way for the new

  • Story-telling; developing the channel

  • Daily sharing circles; to support & nourish the soul & be in service to the Other

  • Bare-foot earthing; to sooth the nervous system & help ground the work

  • Jungle bathing & intentional hiking (self-guided)

  • Optional field trip to Guayabo National Ancient Monument (aka, the Giant’s Graveyard), on the slopes of Turrialba Volcano

  • Option to add Natural Horsemanship Class (dependent on availability)

As a result of this retreat, you will:
  • Understand and heal the root causes of your recurring blocks, issues and looping patterns, that may go back several generations.

  • Cultivate more Animal Presence in your daily life and see your closest relationships through new eyes.

  • Have journeyed into the Void and back, coming infinitely closer to your own balance point.

  • Be clearer in your own next steps, so that you may bring more focused intention into what you do.

  • Experience Horse Spirit wisdom through the ancient practices of Shamanism, animism and systemic constellations.

Horses have a vast, multi-dimensional, transformational potential.

Horses are master Living Library code holders in this multi-verse, as are the cetaceans; the whales, manatees and dolphins master code holders of the oceans.

Horses embody balance; a sense of equilibrium and the ability to flow multi-linearly, timelessly, intuitively and automatically between the illustrious masculine and the luminous feminine. Masters of keeping the energy weaving, moving and in flow, whether through the physical plane of form, or across the other dimensions, they play a much larger role for Humanity and her evolution than many realise.

The work of Horse Constellations (systemic constellations with horses) facilitates this dance so very accurately; bringing to light both the platform and the inner and outer movements required to find the next best steps on our Path.

Able to tune into the over-laying blueprints that exist in time and space - a bit like an overlapping, spherical jigsaw puzzle - they can both perceive the wider interconnected threads of the tapestry of life, and those of the individual’s soul expression.

As with any vibrational essence, or homeopathic treatment and approaching like with like, we work with Horse as Shaman through the lens of, or at the octave at, which we ourselves are ready to perceive reality. From the moment we begin working with them, they enable us to find and create space and capacity within ourselves, or to break inner ground to do this work. They can help us entrain to our truest path - and to merge into union mystica within - along with helping with the tapestry of life to continue its healthy pulsation in spherical motion.

All of this is of course echoed in their exquisite ability to balance themselves physically, emotionally and to engage and disengage heir nervous systems without holding on to any residual traumatic imprints (provided they aren’t imprinted adversely by humans).

  • The Human Story & How Horses can Bring us into Balance

  • Entraining to Horse Spirit

  • Metaphysical Exploration with Horse Spirit

  • Your Healing with Horse Journey

  • Coalescence

This retreat IS for you if:
  • You would like to integrate Horse Master Spirit into your own healing journey

  • You are ready to lean into your resistances

  • You can remain centered, while offering a listening ear to others

  • You want to understand the potential of your connection with Nature and the elements and the part they can play in your life, including Animal & Plant Communication

  • You are on the path of energy mastery

  • You don't actually ride, or have any horse experience (this is the beauty of it!)

This retreat is NOT for:
  • Those unwilling to be proven wrong

  • Those looking for strategy, swipe files, or a one-size fits all plan

  • Those unable to self-regulate one’s nervous system after being activated (by whatever means)

  • Those unwilling to do the personal work required of themselves, in order to integrate the shifts that will take place

  • Those who would rather be “spiritual” than Human (this is an active container, that requires you to be present and in your body)

  • Those looking to actually ride the horses (except by prior reservation and as an add-on after this retreat)

If you can't make this one, check out our Yoga and Natural Horsemanship Retreats where all levels are welcome!


3-7 JULY 2022