Natural Horsemanship

Learn to communicate with horses
using clear bodylanguage, energy and focus
in a way that is natural to the horses.


Natural horsemanship, colloquially known as horse whispering, is a collective term for a variety of horse training techniques & principles of developing a rapport with horses, using methods said to derived from observation of the natural behavior of domestic horses in a herd and rejecting abusive training methods.



Basic Information about Single/Group Classes in Theory & Practicals



First Contact & Building Relationship





Friendship & Finetuning

with Horses



Advanced Training Programs


This section gives all the information that you need to know about the Courses Finca Soley offers


At Finca Soley you can participate in any of the Programs with one of Our Horses or one of your Own

Types of Courses

You can avail all the Courses either in a Personal or Group Sessions for 90 Minutes Duration


Single Lesson: A Personal class in the Area and the Level you choose from.  You receive one on one Personal attention 


Group Lesson: A Group class in the Area and the Level you choose from.  In a Group - one can learn from each other and have loads of fun !

Levels of Programmes

Basic - Intermediate  - Advanced Levels 

Essential - Harmony - Collective


Different Areas

On Rope - Liberty - Bitless Riding - Brideless Riding

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            Essential Course: Getting in Contact & Building Relationship with Horses
                       Learn the Basics on how to  successful with horses


We learn the essential communication with horses on the ground

Start to understand what horses are telling You!

Learn to play with them in a understable Language

Become safe & smart around horses in the field and barn

Learn about your Horse’s unique character

Learn to use psychology depending on horse-character 

Improve your drive & respect level


We built up our skills on the rope and start to work on our draw system 

We will apply what we have learnt on the ground into the saddle

Learn to ride using Breathing & Engery techniques

Learn about principles of Natural Horsemanship

Discussions about various horsemanships from different Nations


Develope bitless Riding skills

Become  safe rider & improve posture of you and your horse

Start to play with horses in liberty on the ground

One-on-One Session

90 Minutes

45 USD

Group  Session

90 Minutes

30 USD

        Harmony Course: Refining your Friendship and getting in tune with each other
                                            Become more Stuffel in your Communication


We refine our Communication skills on the rope and in liberty.

We built a loving friendship & become creative withour games.

We improve our riding communication skills & test our relationship by starting to ride brideless

One-on-One Session

90 Minutes

60 USD

Group  Session

90 Minutes

45 USD

                           Collecting Course: Lets gets in shape & frame
                                          Receive the gift of Natural Collective 

One-on-One Session

90 Minutes

80 USD

Being in Full Harmony with your Hose into a Deep Concentration

Turn 2 bodies into  one and be able to go anywherre from here on

In this course we are  putting things together & are reaching out for collective

Group  Session

90 Minutes

65 USD

Essential Course (Beginners Level)

Essential Course (Beginners Level)

First Contact & Building Relationship

Harmony Course (Intermediate Level)

Harmony Course (Intermediate Level)

Refining Friendship & Finetuning with Horses

Collecting Course (Advanced Level)

Collecting Course (Advanced Level)

Advanced Training Programs


Visit Costa Rica to enjoy the beautiful nature, get to know the culture and study Natural Horsemanship.

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