Jungle Tour

Green Passion


If you want to discover the real natural beauty of Costa Rica you have to explore the jungle.

                              This jungle tour starts at Finca Soley and is by foot.


Your guide is local and has lived his whole life close to the jungle. He knows a lot about the rainforest, special plants and trees and how to read tracks of the typical rainforest animals.


You will enter the jungle behind Finca Soley, where you have the chance to experience the rainforest with its fascinating flora and fauna. First you use some paths, lateron you walk cross-country.


A variety of stunning butterflies, birds, insects, snakes and sloths may cross your path. The lush, green surrounding with its special atmosphere makes you feel as if you are part of an adventure movie. You are going to climb up the mountain until you reach a point which provides an awesome view on the valley – the perfect location for some photos.