Kayak Tour

On lake Angosturo near Atirro you can go for a wonderful guided Kayak Tour. It's a peaceful lake and we can see different Birds & Animals. It is a great opportunity for relax and to enjoy the silence of the nature with a physical exercise.  



15 minutes drive by Car from Finca Soley. 


Kayak people will pick you up. Paddles, Kayak and Lifejackets are provided.


The tourguide is a very nice young man from La Suiza who knows a lot about birds and animals. 

On a Sunny day the lake offers a beautiful view to the vulcano Turrialba. 


After your tour you have the opportunity to enjoy a cold drink at the Hotel Casa Turrire. Kindly note that - you need to bare your own expenses. 


Bring with you: A Hat, Sunscreen, Drinking Water and clothes & shoes that can get wet.