Trapiche & Pejivalle River Tour

Real Costa Rica expirience


It's a short drive of about 10 minutes takes you from Finca Soley on a winding road through sugarcane fields to the beautiful Pejibaye River. The big trees at it's banks provide much appreciated shade on a hot day.  On the weekends this is one of the popular places for the locals. 


You immediately feel cooler when seeing the clear, bubbling water. In some places the water is of an amazing blue colour. At first moment the water feels cold, but it's so refreshing once you are in it.


You can drift and let the current take you a bit downriver, but make sure you get out in time before the next rapid


NOTE: Check water level and current before your plunge yourself in. It is not recommended to Swim at High water level - Please take care of your self.


It's very pleasant to sit there to watch the calm water flow. We provide you a snack at the river.


Pejibaye is a nice, little village with pretty, well maintained houses and gardens and a few shops where you can get a good insight in the typical rural life of the Ticos. At the village of Pejibaye we visit a local “Soda”, a small restaurant a nice hangout place for locals.


Not far from Pejibaye we will visit a Trapiche, a typical, basic sugar cane mill where you can see the complete process how to get a block of brown sugar out of recently cut sugar cane.


Do not forget to bring your Swimware