Trail Rides

Explore the Nature around Fincasoley on Horses


This trail is also ideal for beginners/children as it's a short tour. 

After learning how to ride our horses, we'll leave Finca to explore the nature around.

Next to our Farm, we cross a little lake and climb up a small moutain to see Beautiful Birds & Buterflies and to hear Chirping Birds....!!

It's a time for a Nice canter up the Hill....!!


At the top we will find a place to enjoy the magnificent view over the green valley and the Angostura lake. It's time to take a little rest.


The return path continues downhill where you can see the fields with loads of Pumpkins and ends with the junglepath. 

Once in a while we may see Armadillos and Snakes :O)

~ 45 minutes

First we will teach you some things about our horses and how to ride them.

Then we are ready to start our trail!


We will cross the river of Atirro and continue on a trail to a mountain nearby. There you can see beautiful, tropical plants and animals.


Then we will ride up a nice path where we can have a long canter.

 At the top of the mountain we will have an overwhelming view over the whole valley. We will ride down on the other side where you can look over the sugarcane fields into the "Esperanza de Atirro", a deep junlge valley where indigenous communities live.


The way home leads us through the sugar fields. 
This trail ride is perfect to enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica's nature. 

Have a great canter, be in the jungle and enjoy great views.


~ 2 Hours 30 Minutes

For  Intermediate and Advanced Riders

Come and take a swim with our horses! 

After teaching you some things about horses and how we prepare them for riding, we start our trail on the junglepath above the Finca. 


You will be riding on a nice path through the nature where you can see many birds, butterflies and colorful flowers.


When we arrive at the river you can take a swim in the cristal clear and refreshing water together with our horses who love to play in the water.


It's a perfect place for kids, they can have lots of fun in the water.


As the current is not so strong it's no problem be in the water. After the refreshment we will ride back to the Finca. 

It will be a fun experience! Also for adults without kids (=

~ 2 Hours 

We will leave the farm passing the sugar cane factory and taking the trail following the Atirro river. We pass a neighboar Coffeefarm. Climbing the mountain of Maquina Vieja we will have amazing views into the valley and on a clear day till Turrialba and its town. This trail offers best views and some nice climbs. Dont forget to bring your camera!



This trail is almost only walk and suiteble for beginner riders if you want to take a canter, please let the guide know and we take a little extra round. 

~ 2 Hours 30 Minutes

We will ride over the mountain and get down on the other side.

Here we pass the pine allee, our famous spot to take a fast gallopp.


We pass our little neighboar village and will stop for a midday lunch at the river that boarders to "Oriente". Time to cool down and take a swim.


On our way back we cross banana gardens and sugar fields and may see the workers harvesting.

~ 6 Hours
Includes 1 hour Lunch Break