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 Our Working Student Programme --  Natural Horsemanship-Bitless Dressage, Spanish Course &
   your Unique, Inspiring Learn & Work Experience with an Unforgettable time in Costa Rica.



  • Positive Attitude & the Zeal to learn

  • Love for animals

  • Teamspirit

  • Previous riding expirience is a plus

  • Beginners welcome

  • Minimum stay of 4 weeks: Start date: Monday every 2nd week. We offer a more compact programm if you can not commit for 4 weeks.

  • shorter terms are available. 

  • help for 5 hrs/day for 5 Days in a week


  • Natural Horsemanship Lessons practical and theory

  • Project Horse

  • work with a herd

  • libery & great learning environment 

  • make new contacts

  • Tours & discount prices on entry fees

  • Trail Rides

  • Participate in activities on the farm. 

  • Spanish Language Course

  • Lodging 

Weekly fee to participate as a working student: $510 US.

Long term rates available! Please ask!




You can choose any of the following areas to work in


  • Horse care

  • Charity kids project

  • Wood workshop and handcrafts

  • Gardening and landscaping



As a working student you will be part of our team and learn Natural Horsemanship, bitless dressage, as well as spanish and support the local community by teaching english to the village kids and showing the people a different way of interacting with horses. This is a great opportunity to live as a volunteer at a horse farm and learn new things to take home. 



In order to comunicate with the kids and locals around you recieve weekly a 'Spanish Language' course of 4 hours as part of this Programme


More Spanish Course Options:


  • Spanish Extra: accompany your working student program with an even more intensiv spanish course. Recieve 1 hr lesson on 4 more days.                           Extra Cost: Private: 80$, Group: 60$

  • Full Spanish Course: Enjoy the Finca life work only 3 hours per day and recieve 4 hrs per day for 4 extra days spanish lessons. If you choose this course you are not involved into horse programm. Your duration of stay and beginning dates are flexible! Extra Costs: 100$ 


I stayed at the Finca Soley during six months as a working


student and it was a wonderful experience. The farm is situated in

the stunning tropical rain forest and the area is so beautiful and peaceful. Isa and Milton are very kind and hospitable so I felt at home right away. The farm is a wonderful place to enjoy the costa rican nature: you can go for walks or trailrides, take a bath in the river or just wander through the botanical garden where the horses often run freely. I got to know many great people and there is

a family atmosphere.


 A big part of the life at the Finca Soley are – of course – the horses. They have a really natural life there, living together in a herd and having huge areas to graze and play. They get lots of love and care and are all very friendly. I learned so much about natural horsemanship: Isa is a great teacher and the lessons were really interesting and fun. We were going on wonderful trailrides in the mountains, taking baths with the horses in the river and playing with them a lot.


The work I did at the farm was really varied. so it always stayed

interesting and fun. As a working student you do not only learn

natural horsemanship and horsecare, there is lots different things you

can get to know.

There are lots of nice things to do and explore in the area like rafting,

cayaking, hiking in the rain forest...


I spent a fantastic time at the Finca Soley and I can't wait to come back one day!

Thank's a lot to Isa and Milton and all of the other people and animals who made this time so special!

Wish you all the best,


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