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Terms & Conditions

A 25% deposit has to be paid at registration. The remaining 75% is due at your arrival day. Since we need long-term planning your registration for the booked time is binding. The fee for the entire period specified by you is due upon your arrival at the farm. In case of early departure, no refund of the fee project is possible. This is true even if we have to exclude you because of a violation of our house and community rules on the further project work. 

If you cannot arrive we are happy to find an alternative date for your stay with us within one year.


House & Community Rules

Welcome to Finca Soley. We are excited to welcome you and share a wonderful experience with you here in Costa Rica. Since we are a community of many different people, we want to respect each other's individual needs. Let us live together in respect and peace. Finca Soley is an ecological farm. We want to reduce, recycle and make best use of all materials. We want to keep our grounds and home clean from toxic or harmful things. Please do not use chemical products, if you need information don’t hesitate to ask us! 


  1. Volunteers have their own space and shared spaces with our guests, employees and family. Volunteer only place is your bedroom. Shared spaces are the kitchen, terrace, living room and bathroom, the wash- and sink area, the barn, the gardens. All spaces must be always tidy and clean. After using a place clean up after yourself. Don’t leave stuff lying around.
    There is a private home of the farm family.Please respect privacy.

  2. The house has quiet time from 8 pm till 8 am and siesta time from 1 pm till 2 pm. During quiet times you can use shared spaces to study, to watch educational videos by using headphones or texting with your family and friends back home. For other activities please use outside spaces.

  3. Officially smoking is forbidden. If you smoke you have to do it outside.

  4. You can use the washing machine. Choose a sunny day and dry them by putting them in the sun. Take your clothes in as soon as they are dry. If it’s raining you can use the dryer.

  5. The study area contains several books and DVDs. If you take a book or a paper copy please write your name and the date in the list above the shelf and cross when returned. Please watch DVDs only on the big screen and return right after use. Books and DVDs are of high value; please treat them with care and respect.

  6. The barn area is always clean and tidy and all equipment on its place. Please support the tack room team by tiding up after using things. The saddles are all imported and need good care, they should not get wet.

  7. The kitchen is always clean and tidy. Keep all opened food (bread, wraps, fruits, flour, sugar etc.) in the fridge. Use top shelf in fridge for goods which are already open and need to be eaten first. Don't waste food. 

  8. The bedroom needs to be cleaned regularly (at least once per week). Please organize yourself to keep it clean and nice. Make your bed in the morning to prevent snake bites. For the same reason don't have things lying around on the floor. Take things out of your bag since they will start to mold when kept inside the suitcase. Food is forbitten in the rooms.

  9. Turn off lights and unplug computer and other machines when not in use.

  10. Cellphone use: Don’t use your phone during work times.

  11. Bathroom. Please throw toilet paper into the bin and separate plastic items. Toilet paper must be burned regularly. Shower once per day, after you finished outside jobs.

  12. Dogs are not allowed inside the house, and not on the terrace. Do not allow animals to jump on you.

  13. We have working hours. Please respect our times off and keep your questions for our working hours.

  14. Horse barn is closed between 6pm and 7am and on Sundays. 

  15. This project is thought as an experimental field, which is created and shaped by its individuals and community. Please think instead of “I dislike” in terms like “maybe we can…”. Think in solutions not problems.

  16. Let’s make it happen together (=

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