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Horse Connection, Liberty & Yoga

communication, liberty and free riding


2100$ US includes 13% VAT


Full board
Airport Transfers
Groundwork and Riding Lessons

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Feel the flow...

Join us for our unique and carefully designed retreat to connect with horses, nature and your inner strength. This retreat combines the daily practice of yoga, guided meditation and the study of Natural Horsemanship in order to improve your body language, focus and leadership. Be present and in the now. Breath in the fresh air and peace of our cosy mountain farm. Practice mindfulness and go in contact with yourself through your equine partner and while meditating. Feel yourself and your horse moving together in harmony and during your yoga class. Soak in the life and peace of our jungle surroundings. 

Start your day with a yoga class held by a professional and strong yogi who will guide you through your class in flow and with ease. Yoga helps you to improve your strength and balance, mental as well as physical. After a hearty breakfast including fresh and local ingredients you will be with your horse in a natural horsemanship groundwork or riding class. The study of Natural Horsemanship will not only bring you closer to the majestic and high spiritual being of the horse but also improve your self confidence, awareness, consciousness and focus. Becoming the leader of your equine partner can teach you to also become your own leader and not have others influence your decisions and ideas without your consent.   After your horse class you can stay with the herd on our stunning mountain pasture, take time to just be and breath.  The afternoons include a mix of activities making every day special and different. After a healthy and delicious dinner we will be falling asleep to the sound of the jungle. 

Course Includes


  • 7 days/ 6 nights accommodation in a semi private or triple room

  • Airport Transfers

  • fresh made meals (vegetarien option)

  • fresh made smoothies

  • 6 Horsemanship sessions: groundwork, liberty and riding

  • 3 theory lessons 

  • 6 Morning yoga sessions  

  • herbal tea circle: pick your tea from our medicinal garden 

  • hot springs & coffetour

  • hike with your equine partner

  • mindfulness trail ride

  • fire ceremony 

  • 2100$ US shared room

  • 2700$ US privat room

  • This course can be booked without yoga with a discount. 

  • Extras: 

    • Extra Lesson Private: 55$ US

    • Massage: around 60$ US 

Horse Connection & Liberty

Immerse into the learning of the horses language.

Give yourself the time you like to fully immerse into the horse world together with our passionate horsewoman isa and her precious herd at Finca Soley. Learn how to communicate with horses using your energy, intentions and body language. After being partnered up with your equine partner you can learn with him together what it means to become a friend with a horse. Improve your timing, mental strength and leadership while having the best teacher in the world: a horse. Become one with your horse riding with only one or even without a rein and on only a bareback pad. Test your creativity and precision while playing with your horse in liberty. Once you make friends with a horse there are no more limits. 

This course is for people who want to learn what really counts for horses. No matter if you finally follow your dream and start getting in contact with horses or if you even own your own horses back home and want to bring new inspirations with you, we will pick you up where you are and make sure you will get the best out of this course. 

Besides the horses you can enjoy Finca Soley surroundings on the included nature and culture tours within this program. Visit hot springs to relax, hike and jump into the wild waterfalls in our area. 

Each program will be carefully and individually adjusted to your wishes and needs. At Finca Soley we work on a private scale with one on one attention to our guests.  

Retreat Sample Schedule (might be due to changes)

Day 1

3pm: Farm Tour

We take you on a walk through our tropical mountain farm and you will learn about eatable and medicinal plants we grow here.

4.30pm: Tea Circle

Pick a leave from our medicinal garden to prepare your herbal tea. We will sit together to meet and set goals, discuss wishes for the retreat.

6:30 pm: Dinner


Day 2

6:30 am: Yoga 

8 am: breakfast

9 am: Theory Lesson

What is Natural Horsemanship?

10 am: Horse Connection Lesson

Ground Work: All students will be paired up with a horse/pony and we learn   the basic principles on how to communicate with our horses using body language

12 am: lunch

3 pm: Awareness Trail Ride

We ride out, practicing presence with our horses and discover the stunning views of  the area.

6:30: Dinner


Day 3

6:30 am: Yoga

8 am: breakfast

9 am: Horse Connection Lesson

Ground Work: Learn how to move with your horse using body language and energy

11 am: Theory Lesson

Learn about the different characters of the horses and how to adjust your leadership strategies

12 am: lunch

1 pm: Orosi Hot Springs

We take a car ride down passing the beautiful lake of Cachi to the volcanic thermal springs of Orosi. The installations also host a coffeetour included. 

6 pm: dinner


Day 4

6:30 am: Yoga 

8 am: breakfast

9 am: Bitless Riding Lesson

Riding Lesson: Riding with one rope. Mounting with mounting block, move your horse using energy and body language from the saddle

12 am: lunch

2 pm: Walking Meditation with your horse

We hike out together with our horse finding rhythm and peace in stillness.  

6 pm: dinner

Fire Ceremony

Day 5

6:30 am: Yoga 

8 am: breakfast

9 am: Bitless Riding Lesson

Riding Lesson: Balanced seat, smooth transitions with seat aids

12 am: lunch

2 pm: Free time slot for your to book a Massage or take a adventure tour to our closed by waterfalls

6:30 pm: Dinner


Day 6

6:30 am: Yoga 

8 am: breakfast

9 am: Liberty Lesson

Ground work: Liberty one on one lesson

11 am: Theory Lesson

Understanding and using of different trainings tools and methods

12 am: lunch

2 pm: Bitless Riding Lesson

Riding: stick riding

6:30 pm: Dinner


Day 7

6:30 am: Yoga 

8 am: breakfast

9 am: Summary - closing

Meet your Instructors

Isabel Avendano

Isabel Avendaño

Isa has been horse crazy since she could express herself.  She donated her life to horses and the study of natural horsemanship & classical horsemanship. After traveling from herd to herd for 5 year in her 20s she arrived in Costa Rica to have her own herd and live her dream of a sustainable horse farm. She has been teaching Natural Horsemanship & Classical Horsemanship for over a decade and is passionate on sharing her knowledge and learnings. She teaches in English, German & Spanish. 

 Next to her passion for horses she has planned together with Milton the buildings you find at Finca Soley. She is all about ecological and nature close community life, loves yoga, healthy food and cooking and is overall a passionate mom and wife.

Milton Avendaño 

Milton grew up in the jungle of Nicaragua. He has a great knowledge of the plants, animals and nature in Central America. He finds the sloth and explains you what this plant can be used for. Milton has built Finca Soley’s structures and houses.


We work together with different yoga teachers. Here are a few.

yoga instructor


 “Hi, my name is Analía, I am a yoga teacher since 2014. I am passionate about the internal work, self-knowledge and the use of the body as a tool to discover and heal oneself. Because of that I have been studied yoga, astrology, reiki and psychology. 

My classes search for a space to observe, feel and contemplate our existence to look for patterns that manage our lifes, and to identify those that doesn’t make us good. We experience that paying attention to our body; the ways we can move it and the feelings and thoughts this provoke. 

I love vinyasa, so, my yoga classes are usually fluid but with and emphasize in biomechanics and in the ways we sculpt the postures from within. However, I have some studies in ashtanga yoga, hatha yoga and devaya yoga (the yoga of colors and chakras). I believe in the practice of yoga beyond the postures. I think that the key is in breathing and in the full attention that we cultivate during the movement.

I hope we can meet soon and share this powerful practice.”


"I am a Yoga instructor, a Thai Massage therapist and a passionate dancer and agroecologist. Over the years, I have developed a growing interest in multiple styles of yoga, meditation and different movement practices like dance, acroyoga and contact improvisation which has deeply transformed the way I move and the way I teach. I have a strong motivation towards my own consistent personal practice to keep exploring, learning and sharing. I have always been open to different philosophies and teachers, which keeps being a source of inspiration to expand my perspectives. I focus on developing physical, mental and emotional agility through movement, breath and meditation techniques. My purpose is to awaken and maintain our resilient, sensitive and intuitive nature and to live our lives aligned with who we truly are exploring the potential of our unique creative energy."

yoga instructor

the horses


In the horse connection and liberty retreat you will get partnered up with one of our horses that has been trained in Natural Horsemanship and liberty. All horses have been trained at Finca Soley by isa and her students and are at different levels. Our horses live in a herd on big pastures with access to roofed area and hay and receive daily care and training. The weel being of our horses is our number one focus. Within our herd you will meet your perfect partner to form a deep friendship.

We have spanish saddles as well as felt and english saddles.

Maximum riders weight for beginners is 80kg. Advanced rider 90 kg. 


Finca Soley counts with two guesthouses offering private, semi private and shared rooms to the guests. It provides a rustic but comfortable ranch environment with lush green, colorful flowers, endless birds and butterflies around the houses. All rooms provide high quality matraces, hot water, privacy and beautiful views. 

Casa Perla

casa perla

Casa Perla counts with 2 bedrooms, 2 porches, 1 bathroom with shower and an open kitchen living area. It has hot water and you have access to a washing machine.

Sustainable building: The toilet flush uses rain water, the porch is made with bamboo and some walls contain recycled glass bottles. Casa Perla has loads of nice and bright windows with hummingbirds and butterflies around it. All windows are screened. One bedroom has a king size bed the other bedroom one has a built in loft and accommodates four single beds comfortably and with great privacy.

casa perla
casa perla
casa perla

Casa India

casa india

Casa India is an octagon building with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Each room has an individual entrance. 2 bedrooms have a built in loft to provide extra space and privacy, sharing one of the rooms with a loft is a great semi private option and you will feel very comfortable here. All showers have hot water. There is a washing machine that can be used. Casa India has a big kitchen living area to be shared by the 3 rooms. Here you find our horse library and DVD area.

casa india
retreat house in the jungle
Rather than just getting on a horse and riding, Isa taught me how to understand the horse’s personality, as well as how to communicate with them using body language and other cues. Without any formal riding lessons and limited exposure to horses, learning “horsemanship” was really helpful for me. Having yoga classes twice a day in combination with horsemanship lessons was perfect. I’ve taken many yoga classes and found the yoga teacher to be amazing. She prepared classes for the entire week to cover the main Chakras, and her ability to break down the technique for certain poses was magical!

Susan, 2023

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