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Join us for a special time to immerse into the world of the horse and create a special bond with one of our herd members during our horse-connection & liberty retreat or through the classical art of riding. The intense courses include the daily practice of yoga, a variety of workshops and lessons on the topic and tours off the farm to discover the beautiful nature of Costa Rica. 

Feel free to contact us with your questions or requests to any of our options. 

Intensive Course


Horse Connection, Liberty & Yoga Retreat

Start a relationship with your horse by taken a step towards him learning to communicate with him in his natural language during this one week intensive course

  • Groundwork

  • Liberty

  • Riding in only a rope halter/ or stick 

  • Yoga 

  • hot springs & coffee tour

  • and more...

Next Retreat: 

3rd March 2024

27th March 2024

21st April 2024

Intensive Course

Classical Art of Riding & Yoga Retreat

Do you find yourself struggle developing your riding to the level you like? Are you curious what it is that draws people to the classical art of riding? Then why dont go to an educational vacation to Costa Rica to improve your riding and understanding of classical horsemanship. This course will teach you what classical horsemanship is and why is it important for the ridden horse. Dive into the understaning of the horses body and how to engage it in order for the horse to get flexible and strong. This  intensive course includes:

  • essencial preperation for a smooth horse​

  • corners and lines

  • understand lateral movements 

  • seat lesson, how to use your body efficiently

  • theory: anatomy and the importance of the base of the neck

  • yoga, tours and more...

classical horsemanship

Horse Vacations and Lessons

Horse Liberty Costa Rica

Natural Horsemanship & Classical Horsemanship 

You can book your customize learning vacation with us choosing the toppic you like. Lessons, tours and relaxation.  

Start everyday. Not available during the retreats. Please contact us for available slots.  

7, 10 and 14 days options. 

Private Lessons & Clinics

You can also book lessons and intensive days with isa without accomodation at Finca Soley. 

Classical Horsemanship Private Lessons: 55$ á 45min. 

Natural Horsemanship Group Lesson: 45$ á 60min. ( we recommend you to book at least 2 lessons)

Liberty Workshop: 65$ (includes theory and one on one instructions with a horse)

Clinic at your barn: You can book lessons and weekend clinics at your barn with Isa.

Private Groups: You can book a costumize horse expirience with your group at Finca Soley. Contact us. 

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