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We created Finca Soley in 2014 to offer a place for people, horses, animals and nature to grow and thrive.

A freely living herd, Natural Horsemanship, and the art of classical riding are the center of Finca Soley. We are excited to invite you to stay in one of our self-build houses. We love to be sustainable and keep our surroundings organic. Make and grow instead of buy is what we live. In addition to the numerous farm animals and wildlife, we implemented a social project to support the locals and a Spanish school. We maintain a 5-hectare primary rainforest with a tiny waterfall for hikers to discover on our homestead.


natural horsemanship in costa rica


Take a step towards a horse and join us for a week full of learning, yoga, great meals and meeting new people. Understand the horses way of thinking and learn how to communicate with him using bodylanguage, intentions and energy. Beginners and Advanced riders welcome.

horse in costa rica


Join us on an educational vacation filled with learning, nature, personal reflection, and riding on well-trained, happy, and healthy horses in Costa Rica. Immerse yourself in learning Natural Horsemanship and classical training and riding. Receive one on one attention in a seat lesson and learn how to ride your horse in balance

classical horsemanship in costa rica


Immerse into the world of the classical horsemanship understandig groundwork and riding from a new point of view. Ride our beautiful Spanish horses in the peaceful jungle setting and understand how to become one with your horse using finest aids, a clear mind and understanding. This course is made for riders who want to gain a better understandig of riding.



If you like to stay longer, we offer long term options starting from 2 weeks on.  As a long term student you can volunteer in the barn to learn everything around horses, training and how to create emotional, mental and physical balance. On top of that you can book a Spanish course, learn to live more sustainabile and enjoy the community life. If you like to engage socially you can support the Tucurrique community and teach English. This is also a great option of digital nomads, sabaticals or gap year students. 

Spanish Courses

all levels


Standart Spanish Course:
 9 lessons per week (lesson duration: 40 mins)
130 $ US
Intensive Spanish Course:

 30 lessons per week (lesson duration: 40 mins)

400 $ US
Basic Spanish Course:
 3 lessons per week (lesson duration: 40 mins)
50 $ US

Family  Farm Experience

As a family farm we love to host families from around the world to offer them an unique and relaxing quality time at Finca Soley. 

Finca Soley is a huge playground for small and big. You can choose between our family farm volunteer experience or come to enjoy a relaxing time renting our precious guesthouse Casa Perla. Plenty of activities are offered. 

Guestgirl with cat

Farm Tour



Sustainable Farm

Get to know the huge variety of plants and trees we grow and learn their use. Pass through our medicinal tee garden to pick a tea you like. Includes a hike to our 5 ha rainforest and our private creek with purest fresh water. 

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