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Horse Vacations

Join us for lessons, tours and tranquilty


starts at 1100$ US includes 13% VAT


Basic Package:
Airport Transfers

All year around available 

Natural Horsemanship & Classical Training

Learn to communicate with horses using clear bodylanguage, energy and focus in a way that is natural to the horses.


Emotional, mental and physical balance.

To give people a brighter understanding of the beeing horse. And to help horses to understand the human world.
Teach people how to proper work a horses body in order to be able to carry us. Teach horses how to use their body and strengh

At FINCA SOLEY we understand Natural Horsemanship as a holistic way of keeping and training horses. We base our principle on a LOVE based relationship that is free of judgement and includes a postive attitude, where the horse feels safe and valued.  It is based on COMMUNICATION in witch we will aways first listen, understand and then share our ideas. It is surrounded by BOUNDERIES that we set in order to be able to be safe AND give the horse room to express himelf.

The study of Natural Horsemanship will not only learn you to communicate with your horse. It will also learn you to get to know yourself. Becoming a good partner for your horse will teach you a lot about yourself and improve your focus, decision making, having a clear mind and learn to control your energy and body. 

In the classical training you will get into the details of the horses body. Learn how to use flexion, mobalization and balance. Develop the perfect feeling. Refine communication where all you need is a thought, a breath an idea.


As a guest at Finca Soley you will learn how to train and ride bitless. Advanced riders with an independet seat might also learn how to connect with a horse using a bit in order to reach his deeper muscle tissue.

Our horses are trained at different levels to accomodate your needs and become your perfect teacher. They will know on what they have to do to show you where to improve. 


Click on the apply button to book your individual course with isa, her team & the Finca Soley horses or send us an email.

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Classical Horsemanship Retreat

Packages & Prices

7 days7 6 nights

  • Accommodation in a shared room   (+ 200$ for a private room)

  • 5 lessons 

  • 2 theory lessons

  • 3 half day tours and activities to choose from our tour section

  • Airport Transfers  


1100$ US 

+ 420$ US full board 

10 days7 9 nights

  • Accommodation in a shared room   (+ 250$ for a private room)

  • 7 lessons 

  • 2 theory lessons

  • 4 half day tours and activities to choose from our tour section

  • 1 full day tour

  • Airport Transfers  


1400$ US 

+ 600$ US full board 

14 days7 13 nights

  • Accommodation in a shared room   (+ 350$ for a private room)

  • 10 lessons 

  • 2 theory lessons

  • 5 half day tours and activities to choose from our tour section

  • 1 full day tour

  • Airport Transfers  


1950$ US 

+ 840$ US full board
Rather than just getting on a horse and riding, Isa taught me how to understand the horse’s personality, as well as how to communicate with them using body language and other cues. Without any formal riding lessons and limited exposure to horses, learning “horsemanship” was really helpful for me. Having yoga classes twice a day in combination with horsemanship lessons was perfect. I’ve taken many yoga classes and found the yoga teacher to be amazing. She prepared classes for the entire week to cover the main Chakras, and her ability to break down the technique for certain poses was magical!

Susan, 2023