Natural Horsemanship & Classical Training

Learn to communicate with horses using clear bodylanguage, energy and focus in a way that is natural to the horses.


To give people a brighter understanding of the beeing horse. And to help horses to understand the human world and how to be strong to become one with us. 

At FINCA SOLEY we understand Natural Horsemanship as a holistic way of keeping and training horses. We base our principle on a LOVE based relationship that is free of judgement and includes a postive attitude, where the horse feels safe and valued.  It is based on COMMUNICATION in witch we will aways first listen, understand and then share our ideas. It is surrounded by BOUNDERIES that we set in order to be able to be safe AND give the horse room to express himelf.

The study of Natural Horsemanship will not only learn you to communicate with your horse. It will also learn you to get to know yourself. Becoming a good partner for your horse will teach you a lot about yourself and improve your focus, decision making, having a clear mind and learn to control your energy and body. 

In the fine art of riding you will get into the details. Develop the perfect feeling. Refine communication where all you need is a thought, a breath an idea.


As a guest at Finca Soley you will learn how to train and ride bitless. Advanced riders with an independet seat might also learn how to connect with a horse using a bit in order to reach his deeper muscle tissue.

Our horses are trained at different levels to accomodate your needs and become your perfect teacher. They will know on what they have to do to show you where to improve. 



Equine Guest Programs

7 days / 6 nights

Horsemanship + Classical riding

Enjoy one week filled with learning, horses, nature, self-reflection and riding on well trained, happy and healthy horses in Costa Rica. Immerse into the learning of Natural Horsemanship. Or for advanced riders choose our classical riding course and learn how to ride with your energy and on lightest aids

  • Accommodation in a shared room (+ 200$ for a private room)

  • 5 lessons in Natural Horsemanship/ Classical Training & Riding (baroque style)/ Gymnastics/ Clicker Training/ and more

  • 2 theory lessons

  • 3 half day tours or trail rides (1-2 hours) to choose from (please see the offered tour in our tour section)

  • Airport Transfers  


+ 385 $ full board
Tours & Activities

Horse vacation + pure nature

10 days / 9 nights

Join us for a well rounded educational vacation where you can learn Natural Horsemanship, horse psychology and classical riding. 
Enjoy nature and culture tours around our peaceful farm and spot a sloth in the jungle around us.

  • 10 Days/ 9 Nights Accommodation (+ 250 US for a private room)

  • 2 Theory Lessons 

  • 7 Sessions in Natural Horsemanship/ classical     riding/ positive reinforcement, etc.

  • 1 Fullday Tour

  • 4 Tours/activities to choose from our tour page

  • Airport transfers

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (optional)


+ 510 $ full board

14 days / 13 nights

Horsemanship, Classical Riding and Costa Rica.

Learn Natural Horsemanship, riding with fine aids and breathe in the peace and fresh air of our Costa Rican mountain setting. Enjoy culture and nature tours to experience the real Costa Rica and relax on our beautiful terraces. With this 2 weeks course you will be able to deepen your skills and take time for yourself to reset and connect.

  • 14 days/ 13 nights Accomodation (+ 350$ for a private room)

  • 10 lessons in Natural Horsemanship/ Classical Riding (baroque style)/ Gymnastics/ Clicker Training/  

  • 2 theory lessons

  • 1 Full day Tour

  • 5 half day tours or trail rides (1-2 hours) to choose from (please see the offered tour on the extra sheet, prices are included)

  • Airport Transfers  


+ 510 $ full board
Tours & Activities



Join the horse volunteer team at Finca Soley and dive into a full hands on learning experience. As one of our horse volunteers you will learn everything around horses, training and keeping.




Does your horse have had bad experiences with people? Has it lost confidence in humans? Does it lack respect for humans? Do you want your horse to learn something new and improve its attitude? We offer training for horses as well as riders.

We offer the service of training, starting and educating your horse from the first ride. If you want your horse to be trained, without using fear or force and to become a good companion that you can trust, we are a perfect option.

contact us for a costumized offer

Learn to fly
bitless riding
classical training
get your horse to be strong
hold the reins
Seat Lesson
Mr. Heredero

Boarding & Training

Looking for a place to keep your horse? At Finca Soley we have a paradise for your best friend. Our horses live in a herd with big spaces and a big roof. They receive daily care, hay and grain. Including baths, hoof cleaning and can be ridden by one of our students. They are treated with a lot of respect and as a member of our family. In the meantime, you can go about your business and your horse lives happily. When you come to ride him you will be thrilled to see him - a dream for both of you!


Horse bording includes: daily grooming, move from and to pastures, hay and grain, daily medical check: 220$ per month. 


Alessandra from Italy, 2022

"Thank you for creating a place for horses where they can be happy."

Shirin from Austria, 2022

"I stayed for 1 month and it is safe to say that it was one of the most beautiful and incredible experiences of my life."

Sarah from USA, 2022

"isa truly has a gift for working with horses and I was lucky to have gotten to learn from her."